REDD+ Assistants Collective capacity building Dec 2016

07 December 2016

From 7 - 12 December the REDD+ Assistants were invited for a capacity building session of 5 days in Paramaribo. The purpose was to discuss the personal work plans of the REDD+ Assistants, to discuss the progress of the project, to introduce the new team of the PMU and to evaluate the work done by the REDD+ Assistants. 

The programma was as follows:

7 December

On this day, a validation session was organized by the local consultants of the ´Drivers of Deforestation´ study. 

In the afternoon there was an ICT session for improvement usage of their phablets. 

8 December

The REDD+ Assistants were able to participate in the national workshop for the workshop called ´Multi perspective analysis of drivers of deforestation, forest degradation and barriers to REDD+ activities ´

Lees hier voor meer over deze activiteit.

9 December 


The REDD+ Assistants visited the Foundation of Forest Monitoring and Production Control, to learn more about the activities of the Foundation, and especially the National Forest Monitoring Unit responsible for the National Forest Monitoring System. 

10 and 11 December 

On these 2 days, a retreat outside of Paramaribo was organized to discuss with the REDD+ Assistants the challenges and way forward for their contribution in the REDD+ programme.