Government's commitment

Since the Readiness Preparation Proposal approval in 2012 the Government is working, through its coordinating body NIMOS, on the REDD+ program in Suriname.

The REDD+ project offers an opportunity for the Government of Suriname (GoS) to leverage efforts and results towards sustainable development. Learning from past experiences, REDD+ already fostered openness, participation and transparency, improved data collection and analysis, national and multi-sector dialogue and cooperation. 

Key factors for REDD+ Readiness success are fully consistent with and supportive to the efforts of the Government of Suriname and the United Nations strategy to promote inclusive, fair, informative and robust, climate-compatible and sustainable development. There is obvious win-win potential to be tapped in Suriname between REDD+ and the overall sustainable development process. 

Thus, REDD+ can be seen as a tool:

  1. to support and foster national dialogue with indigenous and maroon peoples, to strengthen its practice of democracy
  2. to improve public effectiveness and accountability, governance, legislation and the business environment
  3. to accelerate decentralization and to enhance regional and international stance, and diplomatic positioning.

Please see the steps from Preparation Phase to the current Readiness phase.