Readiness phase

What is the Readiness Phase?

The Readiness phase aims to implement the activities as formulated in the Project Document (PRODOC).

If implemented successfully:

  1. Suriname’s institutions will be strengthened,
  2. available forest related data will be updated
  3. and roles will be clear.

Thereafter the country will be ready for the Implementation Phase of REDD+, meaning that projects could be executed according to international REDD+ standards.


How long does the Readiness Phase last?

The Readiness Phase will last from 2014 untill 2020.

What are the goals in the REDD+ Readiness Phase?

The project intends to achieve two gradual outcomes:

  1. By 2016, REDD+ will be recognized as a strategic lever at the heart of the national development strategy post-2016.
  2. By 2017,Suriname will be ready to undertake results-based actions that can be recognized by the UNFCCC and can therefore attract results-based payments.

What are activities in the REDD+ Readiness Phase?

The Readiness Phase will need to result in the following activities under pillar 1 capacity building and stakeholder engagement:

  • A vast project structure c.q. a Project Management Unit
  • A well-rounded communications strategy and communication tools to inform all stakeholders involved on the status of the REDD+ program.
  • The set-up of a Feedback and Grievance Redress Mechanism (FGRM)

Next to these organizational outputs, the REDD+ program wil conduct several studies, which will be used as input for pillar 2 the formulation of the national REDD+ strategy for sustainable development, like:

All of the above studies will provide input for the National REDD+ Strategy of Suriname. See the ToR for this study. The Strategy is expected to be finalized by the third quarter of 2017. See the terms of Reference for this study.

As part of pillar 3 implementation framework and tools the following activities will be executed:

  • The drafting of a National Forest Monitoring Plan.
    Report expected early 2017.
  • Updated measurements and reporting on Forest Coverage and Deforestation.
    Reports expected early 2017.



Please see the Suriname REDD+ Tree for projects per pillar.