Project document

The project document presents how the US$ 3.8M FCPF funds are going to be used in Suriname, to implement REDD+ readiness activities identified in the R-PP.

This project document describes the strategy and plan to mobilise and strengthen the human, technical, institutional, political and financial capacities throughout the country so to ensure success. It is organised around three pillars:

  1. Human capacities and stakeholders engagement
  2. REDD+ national strategy
  3. Implementation framework and tools

During the elaboration of the project document, the overall workflow of the REDD+ readiness activities has been discussed with the key stakeholders, as well as the rules and principles aiming at ensuring a proper collaboration and coordination, which will strengthen the national leadership during the implementation of any REDD+ readiness initiative in the country.

It is recognized that the national policy and management structure on environment is in transformation in accordance with the national development strategies as laid down in the National Development Plan 2012-2016: Suriname in Transformation. Regular review and updates of the management arrangements of the readiness activities will therefore be undertaken in order to propose adjustments that will ensure alignment with local imperatives and changes in the environment architecture in Suriname.  

It is further understood that REDD+ readiness activities will be under continuous review to ascertain that its targeted outcomes as well as the ultimate goals of REDD+ for Suriname can and will be achieved. 



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