REDD + at the Agro - Made in Suriname fair

04 May 2019

At the invitation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (LVV), the Suriname REDD + team participated in the Agro - Made in Suriname trade fair 2019. The trade fair was held from 1 - 4 May in the building of the Chamber of Commerce and Factories. (KKF).

It was organized by the Ministry of LVV in collaboration with the KKF. The purpose of the exhibition was to express Public Private Partnership. The theme was: "Agro-entrepreneurship, the economic strength of Suriname".

One of the attractions in the stand of the REDD + team was a quiz in which five questions were asked to visitors. The quiz was intended to encourage people to search for the information themselves, in order to increase their knowledge about the REDD + program. By taking good note of the information given at the stand, visitors could easily answer the questions. A total of 213 people participated in the quiz. They are all provided with fun REDD + promotional items.