Readiness preparation phase

What is the Readiness Preparation Phase?

The Readiness Preparation phase aimed to formulate a Readiness Preparation Proposal (R-PP) for Suriname. This is a document highlighting how and why Suriname thinks it would want to implement REDD+ in its national policies.

How long does the readiness phase last?

The Readiness Preparation Phase started in 2009. After two initial tries, a final approval was received in 2012.

What are the goals in the REDD+ Readiness Preparation Phase?

The main goal of the Readiness Preparation Phase was to develop a coherent and supported national view on why and how the country would want to implement REDD+ in its national policies. Amongst others, the views of indigenous and maroon communities were reflected herein.

What is the next phase?

Suriname chose to have a Transition Phase after its initial Readiness Preparation Phase. In this transition phase (2013-2015) the following activities were schedulled:

  1. Formulation of the Project Document
  2. Additional training and interaction with REDD+ assistants; these are representatives from indigenous and maroon communities
  3. Meet additional requirements and suggestions from the FCPF on Suriname’s R-PP


These are documents resulting from the activities and initiatives during the Readiness Preparation Phase.

Readiness Preparation Proposal