Pillar 1

Main Goal / Pillar 1

The Suriname government understands REDD+’s potential for Suriname. They will develop a national strategy together with partners, and implement this in national policy. Key stakeholders will have developed knowledge, capacities and experiences in the REDD+ process, and understand the potential and benefits of REDD+ in national development.

Stakeholder Consultation and Participation

- General REDD+ information sessions (walk-in-school) were organized for different stakeholders, including the Government of Suriname (GoS), children and youth, local authorities.

- REDD+ information sharing sessions were organized for the Indigenous and Tribal Peoples (ITPs) in the Hinterland of Suriname.

- the REDD+ Program facilitated capacity building of the ITPs, through trainings in “Entrepreneurship and Business Planning”, including training sessions in cost price calculation, access to finance and market accessibility. These sessions were based on the preference indication by ITPs. Information sessions on “Civilian participation” were part of the capacity building activities. These training sessions were given by staff of the responsible Ministries, e.g. the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism and the Ministry of Regional Development.

- specific national stakeholder consultation sessions have been organized w.r.t. the National REDD+ Strategy and the development of the Safeguards Information System.

- ITP- community consultations have been conducted w.r.t. the development of the SIS.


Public outreach and awareness raising activities

A wide range of public outreach and awareness raising activities have been organized, including, among others:

- Children’s outreach activities, through schools, youth organizations and ngo’s

- The REDD+ Program supported the setting up of a mini-forest as part of the “Sranan Krakti” (Suriname Power) exhibition in collaboration with the organization “Villa Zapakara”.

- In collaboration with the “Nationale Stichting Kinderboeken Festival” a series of five environmental awareness films were produced, with the goal to increase the awareness of children about the importance of forests, climate change and the environment.

- Production of a six series audio productions in seven tribal languages to raise awareness on REDD+ and REDD+ related topics, in local tribal languages. Audio productions were broadcasted on both national and local the radio stations.

- Production of audio versions of seven modules of the REDD E- academy in Sranang Tongo  to enable the local REDD+ Assistants to better understand REDD+ information, and to raise awareness on REDD+ in their communities in the hinterland.

- Production of communication material, including REDD+ newsletters, brochures, posters, calendar.

- Public outreach through internet and social media.