Pillar 1

Main Goal / Pillar 1

The Suriname government understands REDD+’s potential for Suriname. They will develop a national strategy together with partners, and implement this in national policy. Key stakeholders will have developed knowledge, capacities and experiences in the REDD+ process, and understand the potential and benefits of REDD+ in national development.

Overview of the main results in 2016

  • A new Project Management Unit was formed since the end of October 2016. Anil Pershad (Senior Program Advisor at NIMOS) was appointed acting Project Coordinator, Tanja Lieuw was appointed Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at NIMOS, Carmen Elliott was appointed Community Liaison Officer. Next to this, the team will be supported by a part-time Engagement Specialist, Mrs. Gwendolyn Smith, Phd.; Sara Svensson is the REDD+ Coordinator at SBB. A Chief Technical Advisor, Mr. Thomas Legrand, was appointed on a part-time basis, he will do regular visits to Suriname. The regional UNDP office executed a mission in December under coordination of Mr. Pierre-Yves Guedez.
  • 18 REDD+ Assistants were appointed by their Traditional Authorities as a REDD+ assistant. These appointees followed several training sessions in January, July and December. All assistants signed their official contracts and received a tablet for their field work.
  • Four krutus were held in 2016, with support of the REDD+ Assistants Collective. The villages of Kwamalasamutu, Pokigron, Atjoni Pasi and Witagron hosted a local community meeting.
  • Project Board Meetings were held in February and July.
  • On December 7, 2016, the REDD+ Suriname team presented the potential for REDD+ to the Council of Ministers.
  • International knowledge sharing was done with learning missions to Costa Rica in June and October. A representation was send to the FCPF meeting in Ghana in September.
  • An Engagement Plan and REDD+ Assistants trainingplan was created on the basis of a stakeholder analysis. Part of the REDD+ Assistants training were finalised.
  • A new website, in both Dutch and English, is being created to enhance information sharing of the REDD+ project in Suriname. This will be launched in January 2017.
  • The SBB radio programs were supported with information input on REDD+ in both Dutch and Sranantongo.
  • An external mid-term evaluation was executed. Final report was delivered in January 2017.