Pillar 2

Main Goal / Pillar 2

To formulate a REDD+ strategy for Suriname with active participation of stakeholders.

Overview of the main results in 2016

  • Research into “multiperspective analysis into the Drivers of Deforestation, forest Degradation and challenges for REDD+ activities” was launched and concluded. The results were validated in a workshop on December 8, 2016. The research included viewpoints from several stakeholders, amongst others from the business community, NGOs, and research institutes. The final report was received on December 31, 2016.
  • Contract signing in November 2016 with consultants consortium Corestats for a study into “Innovative Economic Opportunities”. This study will take 4 months to conclude.
  • Contract signing in November 2016 with consultants for a “Corruption Risk Analysis”
  • Contract negotiations commenced – and are nearly finished – with consultants consortium AAE on the execution of “a National Strategy for REDD+”. This trajectory will take 6 months.
  • The study into Land tenure was advertised, but needed a second advertising round. Expectations are this study will commence in February 2017.