REDD+ Assistants collective

The REDD+ Assistants Collective consists of representatives of indigenous and tribal communities. The appointment of the REDD+ Assistants is done by the traditional authorities of the different Indigenous and Maroon tribes in Suriname:

  • Trio tribe
  • Wajana tribe
  • Arowak tribe
  • Caraib tribe
  • Saramaccan tribe
  • Aucan tribe
  • Paramaccan tribe
  • Aluku tribe
  • Matuarian tribe
  • Kwinti tribe


Selection and training

After appointment by the traditional authorities, each REDD+ Assistant has received training on the concept of REDD+ and basic managerial and presentation skills to prepare them for the job. All REDD+ Assistants together form the REDD+ Assistants Collective. The REDD+ Assistants report to the REDD+ Assistant Liaison Officer and the Community Liaison Officer.


The following are REDD+ Assistants functions:

  • Be a liaison between their communities and the Project Management Unit (PMU) of REDD+: inform communities on REDD+ related subjects, organize local dialogues, communicate concerns/questions to the REDD+ PMU.
  • Support NIMOS and other REDD+ partners in the execution of REDD+ activities.
  • Participate in REDD+ meetings and the development of REDD+ reports and/or working documents

Field work

All REDD+ Assistants are financially compensated for their work for the REDD+ program. Momentarily, we have around 18 trained REDD+ Assistants working in their various communities.