Readiness Preparation Proposal

To be eligible for the Readiness Fund, a member country needs to hand in a proposal and get approval for the so-called first phase of the REDD+ range: the preparation phase. This proposal is called the REDD+ Readiness Preparation Proposal or R-PP.

The R-PP is a plan with budget and time schedule, which describes how the country can make themselves ' REDD+ ready ' using the following elements: 

  • the development of a national REDD+ strategy
  • specific policy development 
  • a plan for involving and consulting stakeholders and strengthening their capabilities
  • set up a national forest monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) system
  • setting up national management structures for the implementation of REDD+
  • a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework for the implementation of activities

In 2012 Suriname re-engaged into a national REDD+ Readiness Preparation process, after a first initiative in 2009/2010. This aimed at getting ready to possibly enter a future international REDD+ mechanism that would compensate financially for national efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and sustainable development. Suriname has formulated a five year plan to prepare the country for REDD+ as is formulated in Suriname's Readiness Preparation Proposal (R-PP) titled 'Strengthening national capacities of Suriname for the elaboration of the national REDD+ strategy and the design of its implementation framework'.

In March 2013 Suriname presented an edited R-PP to the FCPF Participants Committee meeting (PC14), and received approval for a US$3.8 Million grant to support some of the preparatory activities towards REDD+. These funds from the FCPF will be implemented by the UNDP, as delivery partner in Suriname, as core funding to the present project document, known as Suriname REDD+ PRODOC.

Suriname REDD+ commissioned a mid-term progress report (MTR) of its Readiness Preparation Proposal (RPP) in the last quarter of 2017. The MTR assessed the progress achieved in those activities that are financed by the FCPF grant and recommended that extra funds were needed under the project for Suriname to be REDD+ ready.
The FCPF Participant Committee (PC23) approved Suriname’s Request for Additional Funding, allocating an additional US$2.65 million to Suriname to continue with its REDD+ readiness process till June 30th, 2020.