Pillar 3

Main Goal / Pillar 3

To develop an implementation framework with adequate tools to measure relevant elements.

Overview of the main results in 2016

  • Deforestation maps are created by SBB for the year 2000, 2009, 2013, 2014 and 2015. A special mission from FAO in December supported the validation of the maps.
  • SBB finalised a National Forest Monitoring Plan with support of FAO and CATIE (a research institute from Costa Rica). This plan was shared with stakeholders.
  • A national geoportal or online platform was successfully launched on December 28, 2016 by SBB. The portal is open to the public and gives information from the Ministry of Regional Development, GLIS, WLA and SBB in a combined platform.
  • The iteration of Forest reference emission levels (FREL) has started; execution is the responsibility of SBB.
  • A Measuring, Reporting and Verification System (MRV) for Suriname was formulated. SBB is responsible for monitoring at the national level.