REDD + radio programs in tribal languages

14 June 2019

Effective communication is important to increase the awareness, participation and involvement of local communities in the REDD + process and the resulting activities. The REDD + Project Management Unit (PMU) has therefore produced a series of audio productions, mainly in local tribal languages, and broadcasted via radio stations in the interior and in Paramaribo.

 A series of six audio productions in six tribal languages ​​- Aukan, Saramaccan, Trio, Arowaks, Karaibs and Wajana - and Sranan Tongo were developed and broadcasted from 6 May to 13 June 2019. The programs could be heard on Radio Apintie, Radio Koyeba, SRS, Radio Boskopu, Radio Maife (Upper Suriname), BOB Radio (Marowijne), Radio Thijs (Upper Suriname) and Radio Paakati (Tapanahoni),

The six topics that were highlighted during the programs are:

- Forest and climate change

- What is REDD +

- Causes of deforestation and forest degradation

- The National REDD + strategy

- National Monitoring systems

- Emission levels for forest references


Carlo Velantie of the ATOLI Foundation was responsible for developing the programs and coordinating the broadcasts. Together with the tribal language experts, he provided the translation. The REDD + Assistants Mrs. Josien Aloema, Mr. Arnold Aroepa and Mr. Johan Neni also contributed to the realization of the programs.